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Nature Plus Pest Control T: (718) 265-1649
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Ants can seemingly come out of nowhere, and when they come, they often come as an army. Nature Plus Pest Control understands that these insect armies can cause distress even if they aren’t as harmful or frustrating as some of the other pests we handle.

Ants in the house are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms and generally mean there is some sort of food or sugary substance exposed and attracting them. If a few get in and find food, they will be sure to bring their entire colony back for the second course. Therefore, it’s important you keep your home clean, and if they do show up, address the ants in and around your home as soon as possible.

Nature Plus Pest Control experts know the most effective ways to remove and then deter ants from your home, using organic chemicals and other techniques that present no danger or risk to your family.

Quick Facts:

  • Ants may eventually seek out living areas and can sometimes spread disease.
  • Ants can travel along your electrical wiring, air and heating units, and plumbing systems.
  • Carpenter ants can damage your home as they hollow out wood to make nests. These types of ants also go dormant in the winter and can re-appear when the weather warms up.

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