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Nature Plus Pest Control T: (718) 265-1649
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Nature Plus Pest Control specializes in cockroach control and removal as it is one of the most frequent pest issues in the New York City area. Cockroaches not only look gross, but they can carry a plethora of germs, bacteria, and parasite, transmitting these germs as they crawl around. Cockroach control calls a focused strategy, as it requires Nature Plus Pest Control technicians to inspect and seek out all usual breeding places. Once those have been determined, we use chemical sprays, bait, and traps to eliminate the cockroaches.

Cockroaches, like most insects, are attracted to waste and moisture and can often be found near garbage cans and dumpsters used by restaurants. They are able to enter properties through cracks and crevices but can also be brought indoors by accident, hiding in various objects.

Get rid of your cockroach problem with Nature Plus Pest Control! We’ll solve the issue and teach you how to prevent it in the future.