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Nature Plus Pest Control T: (718) 265-1649
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Rodents like to seek out shelter from the outside environment, and unfortunately in metropolitan areas that means inside homes, buildings, and businesses. Typically found in attics, basements, and pantries, rodents nest in buildings and much like most mammals, travel outside their shelter to look for food and water.

Aside from the physical damage rodents are capable, they also carry parasites and diseas

e and can lead to additional pest infestations if left unaddressed. The signs of infestation are also unsettling, as you may hear scratching or running in your walls, discover holes created by the rodents, and even come face to face with one of these small but devious animals. Nature Plus Pest Control has years of experience in rodent removal and does so without any risk to you and your family.

We begin with a full inspection to determine possible nesting and entry locations. This allows us to determine the best areas to set up bait and traps, and also seal accessible entry points. We also recommend structural repairs and create tailored solutions specifically to your individual needs.

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