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Nature Plus Pest Control T: (718) 265-1649
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New York City doesn’t necessarily have a reputation for being home to a plethora of wildlife, but the truth is various types of wildlife are actively present across all five boroughs. Whether it’s birds, racoons, squirrels, bats, opossums, moles, skunks, or all of the above, Nature Plus Pest Control has the unique ability to remove and deter wildlife from your home or place of business. We agree that most of these animals are generally harmless to humans, yet they can be distressing when they nest around or inside your home.

If they do happen to find a way inside, it’s unlikely that they’ll be leaving anytime soon. Often times these animals can become stuck inside your walls or crawl spaces without a food source, eventually dying and decomposing in your home. If you notice any signs of wildlife in your home, we recommend you call Nature Plus Pest Control right away, as the problem is much easier dealt with when the animals are alive.  Dead animals lend themselves to additional pest problems, so it’s important you act quickly.

Certain animals can also chew through electrical wiring and other types of building infrastructure, so it’s best to get the problem checked out even if it seems small at first.