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Mouse Bait Station (MBS1) 12unit box
Nature Plus Pest Control

Mouse Bait Station (MBS1) 12unit box

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Bait Mice & Insects Simultaneously. The MBS1® is the ideal multifunctional bait station for use in tight spaces. Compact in size, its large internal area includes a metal rod to skewer soft and block baits. Optional baiting tray for insects makes it the versatile and dependable choice for LEED-certified buildings.

Additional Information

  • Compact, durable, multifunctional design
  • Locking lid protects the bait from weather and other elements.
  • Smooth design and drainage holes prevent mold growth or insect harborage.
  • Large bait area accommodates most block baits and multiple pieces of soft bait.
  • Includes metal rod for skewering soft bait.
  • Comes standard with metal rod to secure soft or block baits into the station for horizontal or vertical positioning.
  • Optional baiting tray allows for insect baits to be securely contained.
  • Environmentally friendly and suitable for LEED-certified structures.
  • Durable, 100% American-made plastic.
  • Uses VM Products universal key.
  • Private label available.
  • Service label included.
  • Dimensions: 75” x 3.5” x 1.25”
  • Weight: 0.1323 lbs.